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Photograph of a comic page which serves as a decorative element


SVA INK Magazine is a semi-annual student-run comics magazine. Since our founding in 2012 by Amedeo Turturro and Trent Thompson, INK has displayed the best of student, faculty, and alumni work from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

All stories are ©2023 by their respective authors. All rights reserved. No work from this magazine may be excerpted or reprinted without permission from the authors.

Special thanks to:  

Christopher Cyphers, Emily Ross, Michael Severance, Viktor Koen, Carolyn Hinkson-Jenkins, Matthew Bustamonte, Kelsey Short, Gerry Newland, Deirdre Suter, Raymar Mitchell, and Adam Krumm

Questions? Email us at:

Current Editors

Adam and Cyd

Senior Editors

Noir and Liah

Junior Editors

Ry and Dieu Sam

Sophomore Editors

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